Beneficios y propiedades de las velas de salvia

Sage has been used over time both in gastronomy and medicine for its numerous properties and benefits. In fact, the name of this plant derives from the Latin " salia " which means: to save.

Its use has been related throughout history with the worship of gods, protection and cure of numerous conditions.

Medicinal properties of sage:

The sage plant is capable of relieving muscle pain and reducing sweating and hot flashes. Due to its anti-inflammatory capacity, sage infusions or meals that include it make this plant capable of reducing sore throats, heartburn and relieving colic.

Its hypoglycemic properties help us maintain adequate blood glucose levels and also keeps our breath fresh, neutralizing the pH of our mouth.

What do sage candles smell like?

In candles, the smell of sage provides a very fresh and pleasant aroma that invites you to remember mint, due to its expectorant capacity, this smell is capable of decongesting the respiratory tract and relieving sore throats and coughs.

Sage essential oil in candles provides a fresh scent with floral undertones, creates a relaxing environment that has been shown to improve mood by reducing anxiety and, of course, bad odors.

Due to the fact that Ø kokose sage candles are made with concentrated, certified organic and natural essential oils , the scents that result in much more attempts generate a more lasting and efficient effect on our body, without the risk of inhaling harmful substances and helping you to breathe better.

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