How to clean wax stains? Three tricks to do it ♨

You may have inadvertently nudged the candle or your dog has done his thing again and of course, cleaning wax stains is not an easy task, but it is not impossible either. It has happened to us and you can breathe again because we have not one, but several solutions to clean wax stains from clothes, tablecloths, floors .

Ice cubes :

Use cold on the stained surface, especially if you are cleaning wax stains on floors or furniture , long enough for the soy or paraffin wax to harden.

Clothes iron :

First scrape off as much wax as possible with a knife. After that, you can use an absorbent kitchen paper and put it on top of the part where the stain is, then carefully pass the iron over the paper gently , you will see how the melted wax is absorbed by it, disappearing from the fabric .

Use a dryer :

Another of the efficient methods to remove candle wax stains is to heat it with a hair dryer located a few centimeters from the surface and immediately after it is melted, remove it with absorbent paper .

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