Soy wax body massage candles

Soy wax is an ideal component to apply in candles for body massages, among other things, due to the absence of chemical derivatives, dyes and allergens and due to its texture and rapid absorption , which allows its application in all types of wax. fur and in any area of ​​the body , as well as being much cheaper than other massage candles.

Various studies have shown the multitude of benefits of soy wax for massages, not only for the state of peace and mental and spiritual balance that they provide, but also for the cosmetic properties and the relief of muscular tension, stress and anxiety. depression , better blood circulation and skin nutrition provided by hydrated soy wax and all in a totally natural way and at home!

As for the aromas of the soy candles for body massages , you don't have to worry, all the raw materials we use are also free of chemicals, so in addition to enjoying a massage with liquid wax and relaxing, you can stimulate everything your senses experiencing aromatherapy .

If you've had a stressful day at work, don't hesitate :

  1. Play some relaxing music, dim lighting and light a candle.
  2. Let the body massage candle burn (about 10-15 minutes) until the wax is completely melted, then insert your fingertip to check its temperature (the ideal is approximately 39ºC).
  3. Gently apply it on the body.
  4. Don't be afraid of burning yourself, due to the low melting point of soy wax there is no risk of burning and the only thing you will feel is a very pleasant heat, so… relax and enjoy!

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