Have you tried meditation candles?

Candlelight meditation is an ancient practice used in many cultures and provides hundreds of benefits.

If you usually meditate or are considering doing so, Trataka meditation or with objects, in this case with candles, help to establish this practice by facilitating concentration and evasion from other things, because unlike standard meditation, meditating with candles invites you to fix your gaze on the flame, facilitating its initiation.

Various studies have shown that this mindfulness practice of using candles for meditation helps to concentrate better, reduces anxiety and stress, improves our mood, and improves the quality of sleep.

The steps to start meditating with a candle are simple:

First : set up a suitable place to meditate. It is important to use noise-free spaces, without objects that distract us and with a dim light.

Second : light your candle to meditate, placing it in a place at the height of your eyes, the advantage of meditating with candles with a wooden wick is the pleasant crackling that your wick produces when consumed in a similar way to a wood-burning fireplace. .

Third : fix your gaze on the candle flame, it is normal that during the first sessions various thoughts cross your mind, do not judge them, just let them go. When you have managed to do it, focus your attention on breathing consciously, feel how your lungs fill and empty with each intake of air.

Fourth : leave the rush aside. No matter how little time you spend meditating, the goal of meditation is to take control of our mind by focusing on the present.

Practice a few minutes every day and progressively increase your meditation time, your body and mind will thank you.

You can also use scented candles to meditate . The essential oils in our candles, being natural and concentrated, are good allies to increase concentration and relax.

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