Nine reasons to choose soy wax ❁

Organic soy wax is a type of wax obtained from the epidermis of the Glycine max soybean plant, but unlike paraffin waxes or other more traditional ones, such as bee wax, it has no animal involvement, nor harmful toxic substances such as the benzenes, ketones or petroleum derivatives that paraffin wax does have. These are some of the many properties of soy wax:

Biodegradable and cheap:

Therefore, this soy wax for making candles is an alternative renewable resource to petrochemicals, being much cheaper than bee wax due to its production process without involving the presence of bees and avoiding the destruction of their honeycombs.

Cleaner and healthier :

Soy wax for candles is vegan, as it does not have chemical derivatives and is purely natural, it emits 90% less soot and does not emit CO 2 , generating much more pleasant and long-lasting aromas, in addition to avoiding smoky stains on walls or furniture.

Greater durability over time :

Being low melting point soy wax, its durability can be up to three times that of a conventional candle without wasting a gram of wax.

Safer and easier to clean :

Its low melting point prevents burns that other waxes do and spills are much easier to clean up as soy wax can be removed without leaving streaks!

Take the opportunity to give yourself a massage!

Organic soy wax candles that are totally natural allow them to be used in body massages or even to polish your hair, and can be used on any type of skin, since it is free of chemicals and allergens.


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