Palo santo - What it is and how to take advantage of its benefits and properties

Palo santo origin:

Palo santo, also known as sacred wood , originates from the tropical forests of the Bursera graveolens species, whose trees can reach 10 meters in height. These spiritual wood forests are found in Latin American countries such as Guatemala, Peru, Ecuador, Honduras, Costa Rica or Mexico.

Since centuries ago, the importance of palo santo has resided in its ability to eliminate bad energies and attract good ones.

Of Inca origin, it was used by shamans in religious and spiritual rituals to connect with their ancestors and with the gods and to purify the environment of bad energies by attracting good ones.

The palo de santo has also been used since ancient times in indigenous weddings to unify destinies and attract prosperity and good luck.

Benefits and esoteric properties of palo santo

It is a natural incense currently used for calming purposes to calm stress, anxiety or symptoms of depression, as well as to improve mood and cleanse the environment of bad energy.

It seems that the sacred stick is also capable of attracting calm, eliminating bad moods, improving the feeling of well-being and clearing the mind, obtaining peace and tranquility, helping to maintain balance.

Although its essential oil is also used for therapeutic purposes and antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and its smoke has mosquito repellent properties.

Due to its esoteric properties, palo santo is used in yoga, reiki and aromatherapy practices to purify the environment or carry out activities with a pleasant aroma that relieves nervousness, calms the mind, provides us with inner peace and transmits good energy.

Obtaining the palo santo

Due to the spiritual background of this sacred wood, it is important that its extraction has been obtained in an ethical and sustainable way.

Contrary to other trees used in the industry, the importance of palo santo lies in obtaining it naturally, respecting its life cycle; since this must be obtained when the trees dry up and die, only then due to the processes of nature and after at least four years it will begin to develop its smell and can be used as incense.

If the wood of the palo santo is obtained from trees whose life cycle has been interrupted for felling, its appearance will be green and odorless and when burned it will produce black smoke. These palos santos, in addition to being obtained by deforestation, cannot be used for esoteric purposes.

Once again, the cultures most in contact with the earth show us the importance of maintaining a balance with nature where one life ends and a new one begins.

What does palo santo smell like?

The wood of the palo santo contains a high concentration of a natural metabolite called limonene, which gives it a citrus aroma reminiscent of a mixture of lemon, mint and eucalyptus that makes the essence of palo santo have sweet and woody nuances that make it be unmistakable.

How is the palo santo used? How to burn palo santo?

Generally, the perfume of palo santo is used as incense to purify the environment.

So that the wood stays lit, take a piece of palo santo from one end and light it with a lighter at the other, soon you will see how the wood begins to acquire a reddish tone.

Make it rotate on itself until the ember is stable and turn it off after about 30 seconds by placing it in a suitable container and let the ember burn until it goes out on its own.

You will see how the smoke from the palo santo begins to spread through the room, flooding the environment with a sweet and fresh aroma. It is ideal to keep the windows closed and the areas of the house communicated so that the smoke of the palo santo purifies all the corners of bad energies, filling it with good ones.

Do not get too close to the smoke of the palo santo, it will begin to flood the environment with aroma in a few seconds without having to bring it close to the nose, as it can become irritating to the throat or lungs.

Palo santo ritual What does the smoke of palo santo mean?

It is said that at the moment the smoke goes from being black to white or gray, the energy of a person or a place has been purified and transformed into good.

At the point where it turns white or gray is when it is thought to transform the energy of a place or a person.

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