What are wooden wicks and why use them

You probably haven't heard of wooden candle wicks yet and they are a great unknown to you, but once you get to know them, they soon become comfortable and find a place in your home.

Wooden wicks or wooden wicks are a type of alternative wick to the traditional candle wick that is beginning to replace cotton wicks in countries like the United States or England due to the many advantages they present.

The most particular characteristic of these wicks is the pleasant sound that they produce when the wood crackles as they are consumed, generating small explosions that create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.

In addition to this, the advantages that candles with wooden wicks have over cotton ones are several :

The use of a raw material without processing , or chemical additives that makes it more sustainable and healthy , by not emitting carbon or soot, generating clean combustion and respecting the environment, avoiding unnecessary felling or pollution that cotton processing entails.

It is more aesthetic and exclusive than candles with cotton wicks and does not leave traces of carbon on the surface when extinguished.

By burning more slowly, candles with a wooden wick last up to twice as long as those with a cotton wick and the risk of burning is much lower.

Plus, they burn out completely without wasting wax and making it much easier to clean up, so you can give your containers a new lease of life once your candle has burned down.

Tips you should know when using Wooden Wicks :

Now that you have discovered the multiple advantages that these wicks present, it is worth knowing some tips on their use :

Use a lighter or match to ignite it similar to how you would a cotton wick. Just lighting one end of the wick is enough. The flame will then spread to the rest of the wick, creating a stable and long-lasting flame.

Sometimes the flame seems to dwindle and go out due to the ash from the wood, but… don't worry! The flame will reignite as soon as the ash is gone.

When you want to light it again, cut the uppermost piece of ash with scissors or a paper napkin and your candle will once again emit a crackling flame.

Now, you are fully prepared to enjoy the unique experience that wicks provide!


  • Hola quisiera saber si son mejor las mechas de madera o los pabilos gracias

  • Hola! es normal que la mecha de madera decolore la cera y la ponga un color tostado como café con leche? Gracias

  • Hola Delphine, ¡gracias por tu comentario! Puedes probar a cortar los restos quemados de la mecha y volver a encenderla. Puede que la mecha no tenga la calidad adecuada para tus velas y debas probar una mejor. Un saludo.

  • Buenas, tengo suciedad negra en mi cera por culpa de la mecha , que se puede hacer porque es mucho y feo … He probado con cera sin nada y con parfumé pero es igual. Mechas para vaso 8cm , mi baso hace 8cm. Todo está correcto… Ni hay colorante. Gracias 😊

  • Hola! quisiera saber que tipo de madera se usa para que el pabilo funcione correctamente, gracias!


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