Did you know that vanilla candles…kill beavers?

Vanilla-scented candles or any product such as essential oils, flavorings and food flavorings, creams or cosmetics with this fragrance may be using animals for their production.

Normally, the essence of vanilla is extracted from the leaves or pods of vanilla, a substance that is commonly known as vanillin. The metabolite responsible for the pleasant and sweet smell with which we associate it.

But sometimes, to enhance smells and flavors, vanilla-scented candle producers use a substance called castoreum extracted from the beaver's anal glands , located between the pelvis and the tail, so its extraction implies the death of the beaver. .

Although fortunately, the use of beavers has been discontinued over time due to its lack of scientific evidence in terms of health, today many brands still use it to provide that essence of vanilla in the food industry and perfumer.

How is this substance extracted from beaver glands?

The indiscriminate hunting of beavers to obtain this substance led these animals to be included in the Red List as a threat of endangerment of the species.

The castoreum is used by beavers to clean and waterproof their fur, communicate with individuals of the same species or mark territory.
If you find it unpleasant to know what the origin is, we are not going to tell you how it is extracted, because it is even more so, especially for beavers.

How do I know if my vanilla candle that I have has animal involvement?

The first thing you should look at is if the product contains some kind of vegan or cruelty-free certificate that guarantees well-being and the absence of animal involvement.

If the brand does not have certificates, look at its technical data and composition before buying it, if it has castoreum, they are using beavers for its extraction.
If it does not contain it, you can make sure by asking the brand or the person who is selling it to make sure.

Do you want your scented candle totally vegan and cruelty free?

We have what you are looking for! All the products in our store are free of animal involvement, even the ink we use is vegan! Our candles are made with supplier-certified GMO-free organic soy wax, as are organic essential oils.

We have made sure for you and for everyone that the essences we use do not use beavers, or any other animal or derivative thereof, thus developing vegan and cruelty free candles .

You can consult their technical data sheets on our website and if you are not satisfied with it... you can send us an email or message for more information.

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