Candles to study, improve your concentration and optimize results

Aromatherapy has been used since ancient times due to the breadth of benefits that it generated in relation to the treatment of diseases, disorders or problems of stress, anxiety or depression.

The use of candles to study and concentrate is not an exception, but on the contrary, it is increasingly used by students, opponents and other people on a daily basis to cope with times of stress.

While it is true that when studying we must create a conducive environment without noise, distractions and well ventilated, intense study seasons where we hardly have time to rest end up tiring our memory, diminishing our concentration and hampering our performance.

Some studies and doctoral theses that relate the study candles and the level of performance have shown satisfactory results due to the use of essential oils, since these through the receptors of our olfactory cells send signals to various parts of the nervous system, which orders the production of different hormones generating in our body pleasant sensations of positive effect that are transferred to a greater performance.

So if you are wondering if lighting a scented candle can help you improve your study and concentration, the answer is yes .

What are the best candle essential oils for concentration?

Although each essential oil has different properties and is generally used for different purposes, the essences most related to optimizing performance and concentration are the following:

  • Mint candles : it is a good essential oil to study, especially for those people who are easily distracted and find it difficult to maintain attention. According to Robert Tisserand, one of the most important figures in the world of aromatherapy, mint can help you calm your nerves and increase concentration and personal performance.
  • Orange candles or citrus aromas in general : it has been shown how the aromas of orange or lemon are capable of relaxing the nervous system and reducing stress, generating optimal conditions to be able to concentrate.
  • Lavender candles : It has been used over time to calm pain and regulate emotional problems such as anxiety. If you tend to get overwhelmed by exams, lavender can help calm your nerves during study hours, if you feel relaxed, you will perform not only better, but also better.

Although despite the evidence of aromatherapy that shows how certain essential oils are more optimal to increase concentration, we must take into account that the aromas in each person generate different sensations and emotions and it is preferable to personalize our own candle for exams , this It means, looking for an aroma that is pleasant to ourselves to promote a suitable environment in which we feel comfortable and relaxed when studying.

What sail should I set for an exam?

Simply create a conducive environment in which you are comfortable, put the mobile on silent and avoid distractions; then, light a scented candle that you find pleasant and place it next to you, not far away but at a safe enough distance so that it does not bother you.

Perceive the smell in your senses and what it transmits to you, feel how the environment is soaked in that aroma and becomes more and more comfortable, relax, pay attention to your breathing, visualize your goals on the horizon and... good luck with the exams!

If this trick has worked for you to improve your performance, leave us a comment!

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