About us?

The most important thing about Økokose is that it is much more than just candles.

øko [echo] kose [embrace]

Økokose is born from a word of Norwegian origin, kos , which does not have a literal translation, but which represents that feeling of warmth, protection and welcome that we experience, for example, when we are given a hug or when sitting in front of the fire. Along with the prefix øko , it represents a way of living that embraces our ecosystems and all the living beings that inhabit them, and coexists in a balance where we all win .
We want to show that respect and empathy does not entail any extra effort, quite the opposite. It is much easier than we imagine. Through our products, we offer alternatives so that leading a respectful and sustainable lifestyle is as simple as it is positive.
Økokose is not only a new brand, but the flame that illuminates a new philosophy with a perspective of the future taking into account our surroundings.
A new concept of reflection the next time you light a candle .
This online store is a combination of great determination, enthusiasm and a lot, a lot of dedication to get an alternative product, capable of covering the characteristics of a basic candle while minimizing waste and toxic substances.
Here you will find a reference of high quality candles with which you can enjoy as you have always done.
At Økokose there are more than ten types of wooden candles and glass candles , all of them handcrafted using environmentally friendly materials, cruelty-free and free of ingredients of animal origin .
There will always be flowers for those who want to see themHenri Matisse