No two Økokose candles are the same

Creating with our hands is one of the things we like to do the most, because it gives a unique and special value to each candle we make. We really enjoy creating these pieces and wondering who they will reach when they are finished.

What parts of the candles are handmade?

The wooden containers and lids of our candles are handmade, including those from the Coalescence collection, as well as the handmade recycled paper that we make for the labels of our candles. Our personalized designs are also made manually, using the pyrography technique.

The wooden containers, as well as the lids, are made one by one in our artisan workshop from pieces of carefully selected reclaimed wood . After the pots are made, soy wax is hand-poured into each pot one by one, and patiently waited until the wax is solid and cured.

The labels of all our candles are made with handmade recycled paper. They are designed to avoid the use of adhesives of any kind, since they are placed by means of a mechanical anchor and do not need to adhere to the container.

The result is a unique piece, ready to fill your space with calm and well-being.