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Why are our candles sustainable?

Our products are designed and formulated to leave minimal environmental impact .
  • Our natural candles are made by combining natural soy wax free of GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms), and 100% natural and ecological essential oils .
  • We do not use fragrances or perfumes, and we have started to directly use the essential oils from candles to flavor our products, thus obtaining all their aromatic power without the need to use other substances that may be synthetic or emit toxic substances into the air we breathe and the atmosphere.
  • Our organic essential oils are extracted from plants from organic farming by steam distillation, which is why they are considered natural and organic. In addition to this form, our ecological candles are safe for contact with the skin and for aromatherapy .
  • The soy wax for candles that we use, for its part, is of 100% vegetable origin, obtained by hydrogenation of the oil from soy beans, free of GMOs. It is certified as Natural Origin soy wax , guaranteeing the absence of traces of petroleum or any other chemical additive in its composition. Soy wax is completely biodegradable , and leaves no residue after biodegradation. In addition, its combustion does not produce soot or increase CO2 levels in the air.
  • We do not use plastic of any kind , neither in the candles nor in the packaging . All the materials used are biodegradable, such as wood, cardboard, recycled paper, natural soy wax and essential oils, or easily recyclable and inert, such as glass or aluminum. The latter is a very small part of our candles: the metal support for wicks, and we are already working on new alternatives based on natural clay.