Økokose, a vegan and cruelty free company

Økokose is born out of respect for all animals. We reject its use and/or exploitation of any type or form. For our products, we take care of even the smallest detail and carefully select only materials that are completely of vegetable origin and free of animal suffering, from the natural and ecological soy wax, to the vegetable ink that we use in our labels and packaging.

Why vegan candles?

Although it may not seem like it, making candles using raw materials of animal origin implies the use and exploitation of a large number of animals, such as bees. In addition to unique communication patterns, bees have a complex nervous system. To obtain beeswax, bees are subjected to a great deal of stress due to the exhausting amount of handling, transportation, pesticides, chemical treatments, and artificial feeding, which can even cause death. There are numerous respectful and much more sustainable alternatives of plant origin, simply using bees is not necessary.

On the other hand, bees are essential to sustain life on Earth and without them the planet would collapse. A bee in captivity lives five times less than one in the wild. The bee population is suffering a marked decline whose long-term consequences can be really serious.

We want to be part of the change and contribute to the construction of a fairer and more balanced world, and that requires respect for all forms of life on our planet.